Pack your bag and lets go!

It has been nearly two month of busy life, filled with deadlines, cringeworthy meltdowns and bittersweet memories – trying to catch up on my ‘work in progress’ thesis while taking care of one strong willed child. Sigh.

All in all, i’m thankful to still be standing alive and catching up with my beloved readers ^v^. In the spirit of the coming holidays (at least for me it is), i’ve decided to write some tips based on my experience travelling with one little kid. Hard earned experience i tell you! So, pack your bag and lets go!


1.Prepare meticulously 

Nothing, i repeat NOTHING can beat hard work. And that includes planning too. Make sure you have all bases covered — transportation, place to stay, snacks+games/ favourite toys for the little devil, list of activities and some extra money. Just to be on the safe side.

2. Include your kid in the process 

Literally. Tell them at least 2-3 days earlier you’re going for a nice little visit somewhere, it’s a family thing, where you’re possibly staying, what you’re gonna do there. Tell them even if the kid barely one year old. It makes up for wonderful vocabulary time and great bonding experience. Much better if your kid responded to you and asking millions questions! Trust me, you’ll love it when they’re happy with it!

3. Wake up early

That goes without saying. I’m not an early bird but my husband is. So thankfully i can count on him for this one. Starts your travelling journey early in the morning so that you can better prepared for any ‘discrepancies’ on the road. Count the potty stop, snacking time, road jammed and temper tantrum in.

4. Max two activities per day. 

This is especially important particularly if you’re travelling long distance and the kid is young. The younger they are, the easier it is for them to melt down. Little kids are just not meant to be confine to the seats for long period of time. They got restless, frustrated and whiny. You do not want that. Activities here means sightseeing/ swimming/ playing on the beach/ etc. You get what i mean, right?

5. Be flexible and don’t be too hard on yourself. 

I’ve started travelling with my son when he’s barely 4 months old and still doing so for average 3-4 monthly interval. Just need to ‘ruffle my feathers sometime when the wind got harsh’. I wouldn’t want to come back home angry/ more stress than i am at work. All those pent up stress is not good for the health, and when it does blow up, it’ll end up scaring everyone for life. So be flexible, enjoy the journey and please, don’t be too hard on yourself. Snap lots of photos and make some videos whenever possible but don’t overdo it.

Travel for the sole reasons of making yourself happy and make wonderful memories with your loved ones. Everything else can wait.  

life memories 2a (1)

Wish all of you happy december and happy holiday!

For those celebrating christmas, Merry Christmas to you!


Konsep 3E


Dalam hal nak menjaga dan melayan anak kecil (toddler) yang baru nak mengenal dunia, semat siap-siap dalam kepala konsep 3E ni. Supaya kita tak cepat mengeluh bila anak menguji kesabaran, dan tak cepat melatah bila anak buat hal.

Apa 3E ni? Jeng jeng jeng! Experiment, explore and experience. 

Tiga baris keramat yang menjelaskan segala-galanya.

3E-page-001 Disebabkan 3E ni lah:

  • anak-anak suka buat sesuatu berulang-ulang. Mereka belajar dari pengalaman!
  • mereka suka memanjat, melompat, membaling barang dan sebagainya.
  • lagi ditegah lagi dibuat. Bukan apa.. mereka sebenarnya sedang cuba perhatikan sejauh mana mereka boleh ‘push limit’ emak dan ayah dalam menerima kelakuan mereka.
  • anak kecil membesar dan matang keupayaannya di depan mata.
  • mereka belajar menjadi lebih berani dan berdikari
  • mereka belajar apa yang boleh dan apa yang tidak. (bila panjat, terjatuh dan sakit kerana lutut luka contohnya.. jadi si kecil tahu yang untuk elak sakit kena panjat dengan cara yang lebih seimbang contohnya atau jangan panjat lagi jika tak mahu jatuh dan rasa sakit)

Pendek kata, bila anak ke hulu ke hilir buat macam-macam, itu NORMAL!

itu tandanya sel otak sedang berhubung dan berkembang!

So parents, let’s keep calm and let them play! (with supervision of course) 



sekali marah, 5 kali sayang!

biasa kan emak ayah bila penat terlepas marah kat anak.
lepas tu rasa bersalah.

nak ulang balik masa tak boleh..
jadi nak buat macam mana ye?

ingat mantra ni.
bagi setiap kali anda buat anak sedih, untuk ‘padamkan’ rasa sedih mereka tu.. anda kena bagi 5 kali rasa positif pada anak.


Peluk anak kuat-kuat ke.
Sebut mak sayang ke.
Masak makanan yang anak suka ke.
Baca buku kegemaran anak ke.
Atau turun bermain di lantai bersama anak. Lutut ke lutut. Dahi ke dahi.

Ini bukan main petik tau.
Ini hasil dari kajian saintifik.