A word of caution to parents with toddler who’re thinking of adopting a kitten.

One thing for sure, taking care of a kitten feels a lot more like taking care of a new toddler. It has been nearly three month with few ups and down, here and there, and with God’s grace, Koko is still here with the family, thriving and loved from all – even from my husband who doesn’t like cats and furry animal alike.

I have come to realize a few things, that i will not know of before. And so, here’s a word of caution to parents with toddler whenever you’re thinking of having one (kitten/puppy).


  1. Its a lot of hard work – integrating a small pet safely into the family. Seriously, if you’re not up for it, don’t do it. The kitten/puppy deserved as much love as you would give to your baby.
  2. They have as much energy as your little one. (i’m not kidding .. both Adam and Koko loves jumping around and running so much, i myself wonder where do they get all that energy storing up)
  3. They lurvved your attention and probably gonna follow you around the house if you let them. Mine even cry to let me know she wants to be out and about whenever she noticed me. Tough luck on that one resisting her sorry meow.
  4. Because they’re still small and new to the area, they gonna need to be watch a lot, just like how you would to a toddler who just learned how to walk. They get curious of all things, putting everything into their mouth (this can make them choke/ eating something dangerous, so keep an eye on it. )
  5. Keep a vet’s number handy ( or at least the location of vet clinic and their operational hours) especially if you move a lot and bringing them with you. Accidents can happen (with highly energetic kid around) and i think you will like to have some expert opinion handy should anything goes wrong somewhere.
  6. They gonna love interrupting you while you’re working on your laptop, anytime of the day. So, make sure do lots of back up or lock the door if you’re doing important reports.

All in all, it’s a wonderful addition to the family, and i am beyond happy that Adam and Koko took to each other so well. Take care of your family and be safe wherever you are.