Celebrating life (with wonder and gratitude)

Esok adalah hari istimewa bagi saya. Hari di mana genaplah sudah 33 tahun membina kehidupan di dunia ini. Macam tak percaya lagi dua tahun dah nak masuk geng ‘advanced maternal age mother‘.. sob sob T_T.  Yang itu nanti kita cerita lain ye. Back to current topic, kami tak ada perancangan khas melainkan untuk menikmati saat berkeluarga bersama (cuti-cuti Malaysia y’all!)

Ada orang tanya pada saya, perlu ke ditekankan sangat peranan sebagai ibu/bapa ni? Katanya biarpun dah ada anak, she/he is still her/his own person. Ada banyak role lain yang turut beri impak pada kehidupan dan sekeliling.

My response:

Yes, you are your own person and motherhood or parenthood does not become the SOLE thing that define you. Rather to me, motherhood give me an edge, a sense of responsibility that can never be shaken off, and it transcend across all (not just to my own child). When you have a child depending on you, you start seeing world as a place where every little things matter, each kind or harsh words/acts lives on, and yes.. everybody needs hugs/love every once in a while. 

We need to celebrate life (and diversity) with wonder and lots and lots of gratitude. 

Teach your kid how to say thanks (and appreciate other’s help graciously) while at the same time be cautiously aware of strangers.

Lastly, pardon me for my entry today as i intend to fill it with some pictures documenting the wonders of a growing toddler =). Drop by with some picture of yours or kind words if you agree with my sentiment today!

achievement over the years!

achievement over the years! (1)

Love and Hugs!!


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