What’s a mom got to do?

That one time

What’s a mom got to do?

To keep him safe

Be gone walls. Let it chafe!

She goes over and beyond

Risking it all for that one time

Rocking her baby to sleep

Kissing his pain away

Keeping his nightmare at bay

Giving his monster a hell day

Promises him that she’ll always be here to stay

Can she really do it?

What’s a mom got to do?

When her baby in pain and she’s in chain?

Tears like river

Heart hurting

Breaking and shattering

Hands bound to the ceiling

How many more can she takes?


He’s going to be fine

Thinks the head

He has too

Sobs the heart


Tell me

What’s a mom got to do?

… .


One thought on “What’s a mom got to do?

  1. hi not sure if you’re really commenting on my blog or not. kinda busy with work and pandemic along the way. thank you so much for all the comments and the time spent on my blog. i am starting to find the will to upload more in time to come. do drop by if you truly are my reader. thanks again! (drop the link to your blog so i can follow you too!)


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