Kids making a mess in the house? Here’s why you should let them.


and your reaction like… Facepalm.

“you should come over to my house then. It will look like war zone. (sigh.. )” 

I believe the messy situation is almost the same with all parents out there, no matter which continent they might come from. You’ll understand the hardship they feel, because you too, are like them. Welcome to the real world of parenthood!

Here in this small part of the world, it become some sort of automatic reaction to scold your child whenever they starting to make mess (not all but majority). It broke my heart to see such enthusiasm from a child got dampen out just because you don’t want to clean up or you ‘just’ clean up not too soon before.

Being messy is good for children, as long as they don’t break things and harmed themselves. Here’s why you should let them do it:

1. child associates playing with learning. So, it is IMPORTANT to let them play to their heart contents. What is playing without a little mess right?

2. you’re making wonderful memories with your kids by letting them know that it is OK to just play. It may be only 5 minute of scolding but we all know the effect last longer than that. More so if you scold them for every little things.

3. It is a good opportunity for some exercise. God knows you need it as much as i do. You can make it into family routine too!

4. The mess means that you have a healthy curious child ready to take on the world with a mind of an explorer. THAT is definitely good news!

5. A messy house means a house that is well live in. I will gladly coming back to a messy house with a happy child playing around than going back to a spotless but lonely house.

Treasure your family. Go messy and start living.








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