Meet the inspiration behind Cuddle Care.

baby snickers emak

Being a mom means finding out the strength you never knew you had. And for me, motherhood is a gift that i will never trade with anything in the world. Tiring as hell but super rewarding. Seeing those sweet two teeth smile, tiny fist waving at you and excited babbling welcoming you home.. this is total BLISS.

And so, with many try and error along the way, in finding the best care for my little baby and making sure my purse doesn’t bleed so much.. i’ve inspiration for developing Cuddle Care Organic Baby Products. Eco friendly, organic, safe and affordable. All in good price for much better benefits!!

To my baby, Adam Naufal, you’re my muse! And to the other parents out there, keep your wit and let your little one grow boldly. As i did with mine!

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